Vision & Sensor Systems

Standard and advanced vision systems as well as other sensors can be incorporated on our sorting machines.


Standard Vision System


Single view camera with sophisticated image analysis software that minimizes surface and lighting variations. Used to measure and detect head and recess features as well as head stamp verification.





 Advanced Vision System: Internal Viewer

intviewer 2013

Gi incorporates hole inspection optics to specifically image and measure both the bottom of a hole and its vertical walls. This allows great detail of I.D. threads and the detection of very small defects like; Chips in threads, weld splatter, a single damaged thread, torn threads, reamed threads, short or missing thread(s).





Advanced Vision System: Axial Viewer


Gi has developed a NEW crack detection vision system to detect side cracks on bolts.





Laser Topography Sensor

Washer 3d with chart

3D view of the good parts, this allows us to view the entire topography of the part. Detects: dents, flatness, chips, width, scratches, dimensional characteristics.

          Gi100DT washer on glass withlasertopogrpahy - compressed