Axial View Vision Option (Crack Detection)

NEW: Axial View Camera for Crack Detection Inspection System

axial view vision option crack detection inspection systemIntroducing Gi’s new Axial View Camera Lens for our crack detection inspection system. The camera and lens are mounted on axis to the head of parts so there is no up and down adjustment required. This new technology enables the camera to “see” the side of a head, flange, or flats/corners on a hex of a bolt to detect small cracks while simultaneously detecting recess defects such as mis-formed Torx or plating build-up.

Axial w-die

An example of a seat belt bolt inspected with the new Axial View Camera Lens

Not only is more of the crack visible to make the detection easier, tools can be placed in the area where a head stamp is not present reducing false rejects. The new camera system can be purchased as an option on all new Gi sorting machine products or it can be added to existing Gi-360 T or Gi-100 DT sorting systems.

Applications for the Axial View Camera include but are not Limited To:

  • Cracked Heads, Flange or Hex
  • Upside Down Washer
  • Defective Hex: Flats and Corners
  • Defective Recess: Mis-formed or Plating Build-up
  • Damaged Head or Flange
  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Bad Plating
  • Missing Features: Grooves, Threads, Flats
detection of cracks on flat of hex head with crack detection inspection system
Detection of cracks on flat of hex head

Axial Viewer Vision Camera to Detect Head Cracks, Flange Cracks and Recess Defects.
6 Wheels (for different shank diameters and lengths) included with purchase price.

Special wheels can be ordered if necessary (for odd shaped shank configurations)

Axial Viewer Medium Size

  • Size Range: Length from 18mm to 150mm
  • Shank Diameter: M4 to M16
  • Head Diameter: 6mm to 20mm

Axial Viewer Large Size

  • Size Range: Length from 25mm to 200mm
  • Shank Diameter: M8 to M24
  • Head Diameter: 16mm to 38mm