Automotive In Process Gauging

It can take up to 45 minutes to perform an accurate first piece inspection. The LASERLAB is the only 3-Dimensional laser in process gauging system in the world that can measure parts in less than 20 seconds. With unparalleled accuracy and user friendliness, manual inspection is a thing of the past. It’s time to dispose of hand gauges, optical comparators and the human subjectivity inherent in manual inspection.

Vision Lab

Gi developed an inspection system so versatile, it’s being used across multiple industries immediately solving quality issues; in-process, upstream and just before packaging performing 100% inspection ensuring zero defects….

laserlab in process gauging system

Laser Lab

The LaserLab is the world’s first 3-D laser in process gauging system for inspection. It’s fast, accurate and shop floor rugged…

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Laser Lab – Shop Floor

An innovative part handling system allows quick and easy loading. And after every pass the laser beams are all automatically calibrated to NIST standards ensuring accuracy…