100% Sorting Systems

GI’s product range includes measuring/sorting machines like the Gi-100DT used to 100% inspect flat parts such as nuts, bushings, washers, etc… And the Gi-360T and Gi-720 that 100% measures cylindrical parts in 3D, capable of detecting damage, straightness and min/max material along the full length of components.


This high speed inspection machine uses a single conveyor and standard eight proprietary vision cameras to detect dimensional and surface defects at inspection rates up to 800ppm. This Multi-View system provides 360o part coverage, 16 images (8 Front-lit and 8 Backlit) resulting in complete dimensional and visual defect detection.



The Gi-360T is a 3-D 100% inspection machine. Precision split/narrow laser beams, multi laser velocity gauge and system 22 modeling of threads are used to accurately measure parts to print specs and tolerances. It uses 3-D information from multiple laser beams to detect defects…