Fastener Inspection Systems

With more than 600 installations worldwide, General Inspection develops and markets high speed, 100% measuring and sorting fastener inspection systems. The equipment enables highly precise 2D and/or 3D measurements, of high volume parts and components before they are introduced into production. This will help with eliminating costly process jams and malfunctions.

Gi’s fastener inspection systems, with easy to use standard software, are leading the way toward zero defect quality. Its equipment is used by companies around the world in production and quality control, for applications including: automotive, aerospace, industrial, railway, medical and furniture manufacturing.

flat part fastener inspection systemsflat part inspection systems
Nuts, Washers, Fittings, Bushings
Length to diameter ratio LESS than 1.5 : 1
cylindrical part fastener inspection systemscylindrical part inspection systems
Bolts, Screws, Studs, Cylindrical Parts
Length to diameter ratio GREATER than 1.5 : 1