Gi-100DT Valve Seat











Low Length to Diameter Ratio Sorting


  • Size: 72 x 60 x 84.5, 2000 Lbs
  • Rates: Up to 500 PPM
  • Part Diameter Range: 2mm – 40mm
  • Part Length Range: 10mm – 150mm
  • Power: 110v-240VAC 50-60Hz 1 Phase

The Gi-100DT is a flat part inspection system (nuts, washers, bushings, rings, etc.). It’s a high-speed vision based measuring machine that uses a series of front and back lit cameras to calculate a part’s height, profile and inner/outer diameters.

Microsoft Windows based software makes part setup easy, and allows for part storage and retrieval. Optional cameras are available to check for internal threads and surface imperfections. And optional Eddy Current lets you check for metallurgical defects such as cracks, seams, and missing features (like weld nibs and chamfers) along with plating or hardness variations.
360° Internal Thread Inspection – Gi incorporates hole inspection optics to specifically image and measure both the bottom of a hole and its vertical walls. This allows great detail of I.D. threads and the detection of very small defects like; Chips in threads, weld splatter, a single damaged thread, torn threads, reamed threads, short or missing thread(s).
• Measures Flat Parts
• Windows Software
• Optional Vision and Eddy Current
• Up to 500 Parts Per Minute
flat parts that can be inspectedVision can be added to detect defects like missing internal threads, nylon ring presence, and missing crimp.

The Gi-100DT is the perfect machine for flat part manufacturers whose goal is zero.

Eddy Current Option
Vision Option
Axial View Vision Option (Crack Detection)

Download our GI-100DT Inspection System Overview