Gi-720 Ammunition Sorting

Ammunition Sorting System










  • Size:
  • Rates: Up to 500 PPM
  • Part Diameter Range: 
  • Part Length Range: 
  • Power: 110v-240VAC 50-60Hz 1 Phase

The Gi-720 is designed to accommodate pistol cases and cartridges (for Rifle cases and cartridges please see Gi-6v or Gi-360T)

This high speed Instruments of LeanTM measuring machine uses a series of  eight advanced proprietary vision systems to detect defects. This Multi-View system provides images from all around the part for greater than 360o coverage.  16 images (8 Frontlit and 8 Backlit) from the eight cameras give an ability to measure all dimensions and find visual defects (like cracks, laminations, draw scratches, porosity, etc…).

Backlit lighting: provides measurement of dimensional characteristics. Has the ability to measure max, min or average, simultaneously or separately: Radii, Concentricity, Straightness, Head space and length, over all lengths,  tapers etc


4Front lighting: The same 8 cameras providing dimensional measurements, are also detecting surface imperfections such as; draw scratches, gouges, burrs, smears, discoloration, cracks, dents and lamination’s.



Optional Stations
Primer VisionCase VisionMouth Vision3D Primer DepthEddy Current