LaserLab – Shop Floor

Ammunition Inspection System












In Process Inspection Laser Lab – Shop Floor has built-in computer interface


  • Size: 30 x 33 x 78, 200 Lbs
  • Rates: 1 Part / 20 Seconds
  • Part Diameter Range: 2mm – 36mm
  • Part Length Range: 15mm – 150mm
    Optional: 300mm
  • Power: 110v-240VAC 50-60Hz 1 Phase
An innovative part handling system allows quick and easy loading. And after every pass the laser beams are all automatically calibrated to NIST standards ensuring accuracy.

The LaserLab ammunition inspection system provides real-time manufacturing process control by utilizing more precise and accurate measurements. Now, more parts can be measured at much more frequent intervals that, in the end, will improve the quality of products while simultaneously reduce scrape.
• Tapers
• Radii
• Major Diameter
• Minor Diameter
• Primer Pocket Depth
• Straightness
• Primer I.D.
• Mouth I.D.

Now companies can invest in technology that improves quality, reduces scrap and provides dramatic savings to the shop floor. Get control of your processes and get to zero.
part centering for laserlab ammunition inspection system

Part Centering Device

3-D Laser Measuring for laserlab ammunition inspection system3-D Laser Measuring