Gi-200 Ammunition

Budget Friendly Sorting System


  • Size: 43″ x 40″ x 64″
  • Rates: Up to 300 PPM
  • Part Diameter Range: 
  • Part Length Range: 
  • Power: 110v-230VAC 50-60Hz 1 Phase


The Gi-200 is an automated laser gauging/sorting system. Lengths, diameters, threads and tapers are measured by laser and optical sensors at up to 300 parts per minute. Every part is inspected before entering the assembly operation, eliminating costly downtime caused by jam-ups.

As with all of our machines, data reports, multi-sensor velocity gauges, NIST traceable diameter calibration, network service and true part storage/retrieval are all available on the Gi-200.

This Gi-200 is ideal for cylindrical parts (parts without heads), or near cylindrical parts – parts that have small cosine error. No special operator training is necessary and set up time is approximately five minutes. Eddy Current and Vision are options that can be added to detect defects such as missing internal features, broken recesses, cracks, heat-treat and plating variations. For a low cost, the Gi-200 measures each part and throws out defects that don’t meet blueprint tolerances so you can provide zero foreign parts to your customers.

Optional Stations include: Axial Viewer, Internal Viewer, Eddy Current, Top or Bottom Standard Vision