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Solving Quality Issues Since 1991

General Inspection LLC manufactures a complete line of gauging, sorting, and inspection systems incorporating: Laser, eddy current and vision technologies for dimensional measurement, determining metallurgical defects as a method for achieving zero defects. Gauging, inspection and sorting systems assure quality in product size, shape and structure. In today’s zero defect environment, the quality of your inspection technology is a critical factor in your ability to compete.

In 1991 Gi started manufacturing 100% sorting machines designed for fastener and screw machine part manufacturers. In 2003 General Inspection performed a complete overhaul of their machines and introduced 6 new systems. Research and development remains key to Gi’s success.

All new developments are state of the art and continue to revolutionize inspection technology. Please take some time to browse our website for information on current products and to get a feel for us and our customer’s experiences!




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